Our services

Our services

"Arriving home had never been so pleasant".


Home automation

Include the necessary technology at your house to automate rooms and environments and save energy, improve security, and promote comfort with an intelligent control of your time and resources.

Personalised light


We adapt your home lighting according to your needs.
We are authorised fitters in Spain, with capacity to legalise your installation.


Air as you like

Air conditioning

In a more general sense, air conditioning can refer to any form of technology that modifies the state of air (heating, cooling (de) humidification, ventilation). At Lum we select the System that best suits your needs,

Controlled water


We offer a wide range of innovative and environmentally friendly technologies to help you save money and, at the same time, care for the environment

Always with you


We continue at your side once the project is finished

We offer a 24h after-sales service, so when you get home you can always relax